The Headmaster (1970)

Lyrics as performed by
Linda Ronstadt

theme to "The Headmaster"

written by ???

click to listenOnly a man
And he walks like a man along the path
Full of hills to climb without pause
Climb them because he's a man

Yes he's only a man
And he'll give you a hand up the path
Through the fields to climb if you will
Climb them until you're a man

click to listenSo hold out your hand to a friend
And help him to stand on his own
And find a path through the hills
To climb if he will
Climb them until he's a man

THE HEADMASTER General Drama first telecast: September 18, 1970 last telecast: September 10, 1971 broadcast history: Sep 1970 - Jan 1971, CBS Fri 8:30-9:00 Jun 1971 - Sep 1971, CBS Fri 8:30-9:00 CAST: Andy Thompson .............. Andy Griffith Jerry Brownell ............ Jerry Van Dyke Mr. Purdy ................ Parker Fennelly Margaret Thompson ....... Claudette Nevins Andy Thompson was the headmaster of the Concord School, a private high school with high academic standards. His wife was one of the school's English teachers and his best friend, Jerry Brownell, was the physical education teacher and coach. Andy's professional life at the school, dealing with the problems of teachers and students, provided the central focus of this folksy series. Andy Griffith's past television success had been in a very different, country-boy role, and the viewing public did not accept him in this more dignified dramatic setting. In January 1971 he tried to revert to his earlier type of portrayal on a seried called The New Andy Griffith Show, but that too proved unsuccessful and reruns of The Headmaster returned to the time slot in June. The theme song (sampled above) was sung by Linda Ronstadt. information above is from The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network TV Shows 1946 - Present by Tim Brooks and Earle Marsh

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