I had a one-page article from New Woman Magazine posted on this website.

On 10/22/2016 I received the following email:

Hi, I am the author of a 1994 New Woman article on your site, which you have posted illegally. Please take it down.
Lisa Liebman

As she requested, I have removed the article. I have searched and have not been able to find her as the copyright owner of the article. 
If I get permission from the publisher, NEW WOMAN MAGAZINE, I will re-post the article.

I figured maybe she might want to post the article on her own webpage, but I did not find it among the articles listed 
on this website:


You might want to check her website, as she has written some very good articles, and her style has improved over the years.
She also has many articles published on the New York Magazine and Vanity Fair Magazine websites.

I don't know why she has a bug up her ass about my problem with me using the article from 1994, but again, as she requested, I have removed it.