The Stone Poneys
1967 - 1968

Released January 1967
Produced by Nick Venet
Sweet Summer Blue and Gold [B Kimmel- K Edwards]  
If I Were You [B Kimmel- K Edwards]                                 
Just A Little Bit of Rain [Fred Neil]                  
Bicycle Song (Soon Now) [B Kimmel- K Edwards]                     
Orion [Tom Campbell]                  
Wild About My Lovin' [Adpt by Kimmel-Ronstadt-Edwards]                  
Back Home [Ken Edwards]                   
Meredith (On My Mind) [B Kimmel- K Edwards]                   
Train and the River [B Kimmel- K Edwards]                  
All the Beautiful Things [B Kimmel- K Edwards]                  
2:10 Train [Tom Campbell- Linda Albertano]               

Original Back Cover Notes:

  Once upon a time a pony was a small horse and that
was all there was to it.  Look it up in a dictionary
and it said pony means small horse.  Period.
  Now it also is the word that when you are talking
about mail delivery it comes in front of Express; a
kind of beer keg; in England a word for £25 ($70
American money); a small glass used for brandy and
liquer; when hyphenated with the word "tail" a hairstyle;
a literal translation of a Greek or Latin author (used by
college students who are too lazy to read the original);
a dance popular at the go-go clubs.
  As if this weren't enought to confuse the issue, now
comes trotting over the hills from the West something
called the Stoney Poneys.
  The Stone Poneys is a gentle trio, and it really isn't
confusing at all.  What The Stone Poneys do, in a clear,
crisp style, is offer a lovely bouquet of musical flowers
and wheat, the beauty and staff of life.
  The first Poney is Linda Ronstadt, described by a 
friend as a "Peter Pan still looking for Shadow."  She is
from Tucson, Arizona, where she grew long black hair and
big brown eyes.
  The second Poney is Bob Kimmel.  He is from Tucson, too,
is the leader in the group, plays rhythm guitar, tried to
lord it over the others because he is a little older.  He 
is the one with the beard.
  The third and final Poney is Ken Edwards.  He is not 
from Tucson (he is a Californian), has a mop of curly 
hair, plays lead guitar, is sort of quiet and moody.  He
is the tall one.
  The Stone Poneys is a nice group.  Just like the good
old days.  They are not to be confused with anything (or
anyone) else.  Period.
  Tell your best friends.
                                          -Jerry Hopkins

Released June 1967
Catch a Stone Poney and Take Your Mind for a Ride
Produced by Nick Venet
The songs:

December Dream [John Braheny]
Song About the Rain [Steve Gillette]
Autumn Afternoon [K Edwards- B Kimmel]
I'd Like to Know [Pam Polland] (I've Got to Know)
Evergreen Part One [K Edwards- B Kimmel]
Evergreen Part Two [K Edwards- B Kimmel]
Different Drum [Mike Nesmith]
Driftin' [K Edwards- B Kimmel]
One for One [Al Silverman- Austin DeLone]
Back on the Street Again [Steve Gillette]
Toys in Time [K Edwards- B Kimmel]
New Hard Times [M Smith- B Kimmel]

Linda Ronstadt Stone Poneys and Friends Vol. III
Released April 1968
Produced by Nikolas Venet
The songs:

  Golden Song [Steve Gillette]
  Merry-Go-Round [Tom Campbell]
  Love Is A Child [Steve Gillette]
By the Fruits of Their Labor [Robert Kimmel- Ken Edwards]
Hobo [Tim Buckley]
Star and a Stone [Robert Kimmel- Ken Edwards]
Let's Get Together [Chet Powers]
Up to My Neck in High Muddy Water [Wakefield- Herald- Yellin]
Aren't You the Girl? [Tim Buckley]
Wings [Tim Buckley]
Some of Shelly's Blues [Mike Nesmith]
Stoney End [Laura Nyro]

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